Manawatu Gorge New Zealand a Scenic Drive

About 4 times per week I drive the 6.4 kilometers through the scenic Manawatu Gorge located in the North Island of New Zealand on my way to work in Dannevirke and Pahiatua. I shot this view of the Manawatu Gorge as I was coming home the other night. I liked the quality of the light so I decided to stop and take this roadside photo. This image was taken at approximately 7 pm from close to the Ashhurst end (western end) of the gorge.

Manawatu Gorge from close to the Ashhurst end of the Gorge - Manawatu River, New Zealand
The Manawatu Gorge is renowned as a unique landform because its river - the Manawatu River flows from one side of a mountain range to the other rather than from a divide, as with most rivers. It is possible to take a jetboat ride down the river rapids or for a slower pace a kayak. Also there is a really nice hike (the Manawatu Gorge Track) which takes about four hours one way and offers spectacular views of the Manawatu Gorge.

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Hay Bales Near Dannevirke New Zealand

Covered hay bales on farmland are a common sight on the roadside between Woodville and Dannevirke, New Zealand at this time of year. I snapped these hay bales about 6pm on the way home tonight.

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Woodville New Zealand Global Signpost

Did you know that there are 22 towns in the world called Woodville? Well if you stop off for a photo stop in Woodville situated in the North Island of New Zealand you can check out the recently erected global signpost. The global signpost which went up on 12 August 2009 lists destinations and distances of towns around the world named Woodville in Australia, the USA, Canada, England, Ireland and Zimbabwe.

Woodville Global Signpost - Woodville, Tararua District, New Zealand
I snapped this photo about midday today with a Samsung S760 digital camera
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